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I knew I was going to need some technical help launching a new commerce site for my jewelry business. I decided to work with Ed from Left Coast Solutions because of his extensive experience in online retail. What I didn’t realize was how utterly indispensable Ed’s in-depth knowledge and step-by-step support would be in the success of my venture. I literally couldn’t have done it with out him. I thank my lucky stars every day to have such a great ally on my team. Ed has been incredibly capable, responsive, and helpful as a consultant and advisor in so many aspects of my business already, way beyond the challenging technical aspects where his expertise continually shines. I would recommend him and his team without hesitation. He is just so darn easy and enjoyable to work with. Thank you, Left Coast Solutions!

Angela Blessing


AbbiesArt site screenshot - TestimonialsRATING 5/5

Ed is a life saver!
For months I tried creating a website using wordpress but I was beyond frustrated. I had designed sites before but wordpress was a new language for me and I kept bumping up against walls and could not make progress because I did not have enough knowledge to make forward movement. I needed help!

So finally I called Ed and It was the best choice I ever made.

I’ve known Ed for a long time and he has always been enthusiastic about sharing valuable information about the technology that i use in my life. He genuinely loves to help and share from the broad knowledge base he has accrued. Even though I live on the east coast, Ed is in California, he was able to work with me via computer and guide me in the right direction.

During our meetings, Ed is able to access and manipulate my computer. The template I had originally chosen was a bad choice so he pointed me in the direction of a practical template that he had already researched extensively. Once I loaded it he walked me through the online tutorials and demonstrated aspects of the template so that I could continue working on my own. He’s articulate and thorough, and also very mindful of time and budget. Our meetings usually last 1- 1.5 hours.

After the first meeting I was able to work on my own for a week and make forward progress. I kept track of my questions for our next session, though he let me know I could contact him at any time with questions that come up. He is willing to research my specific needs that go beyond the basic template.

Between sessions he sent me a list of plugins that I would need and walked me through them. His pace is fast and he delivers information in a clear and thorough manner. He is also willing to help with aesthetic advice, letting me know about the latest trends in web design. I feel so relieved and blessed because finally I feel secure that my site will be up to date and effective in ways I did not foresee. . Its exciting now as I forge ahead knowing I have Ed on my team. It’s clear that he is committed to my being satisfied and working at a pace that best suits my needs.

I recommend Ed highly and without reservation as your best choice for a go to person for advice and guidance for your website needs.
He has the experience, knowledge and patience to work with you at your level of experience. He is a rare find and techno/guru gem.

Abbie Rabinowitz

Twisteezwire.com and AbbiesArt.com

CCG 300x188 - TestimonialsRATING 5/5

I was referred to Ed Croteau at Left Coast Solutions to provide technical assistance with my existing WordPress website. My site is a custom site designed by another company and Ed was able to discern how the site was built in the custom PHP files and worked with me to make a number of critical changes that I wanted to make. One of my initial reasons for looking for a WordPress expert was that my site was not listed as expected in Google search page results. Ed determined that a number of SEO (search engine optimization) techniques had not been employed by the original web design company. He made the changes necessary include changing titles, tags, and creating a sitemap. He also showed me how my Google PageSpeed score was low and made changes that dramatically improved my score. We also made a number of other changes including security, backup, social media plugins, a testimonial page, and a promotional popup. I found Ed easy to work with and he was focused on meeting my expectations. I would recommend him and Left Coast Solutions to anyone needed technical assistance with their website.

Russ Elliot

Conscious Culture Group

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I wanted to provide some feedback on my experience working with you. It’s always difficult to choose the right person or company to work with on web-based projects. We clearly made the right choice by working with you. You listened and made great recommendations, you were very responsive and easy to work with. And… The new website is awesome. Thanks again.

Phil Crowley

Market Tech

CFWM site screenshot - Testimonials


Ed is a one man show.   Intelligent (was an electrical engineer and runs his own business) and patient.  Sometimes I don’t know what I want but Ed’s patience helps me to get where I want to be on the website.  He works quickly and is honest and direct. I worked with a full service website company before finding him and ended up wishing I had used him from the beginning. He accomplishes an amazing amount in a short time.  Service is very personalized and he knows his stuff. In addition to website work I also utilize Ed to help me with all my computer issues. I can’t say enough about this guy. He’s a good person and is a pleasure to work with.

Margaret Wilt

Hearts and Flowers Wedding Ceremonies

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Nancy Lowe


I give Ed two thumbs up! He updated my old website into a sleek new version.

Ed was efficient and available to answer my questions. He has lots of experience and knowledge and was able to troubleshoot any glitches we ran into.

If you need a website, Ed’s your man!

Nancy Lowe

Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Doctor, L.Ac., Santa Cruz Acupuncture and EFT

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